A short trip to Pondicherry

    Pondicherry: the word always reminds me of Delicious French Bakery. A place situated on the South-East coast of India, approx. 165 -175 kilometres from Chennai (The Capital of Tamil Nadu). A mini France in India with Beaches,
    White Buildings In French Style, Churches, French Bakeries. European Food, Scuba Diving, etc.

    I had a very short – day trip to Pondicherry last year when I visited Chennai. We started driving from Chennai around 7 in the morning. It was a family picnic so our picnic basket was full of homemade savouries, fruit, jellies, sandwiches and a kettle of tea (can’t survive without it). Me and Pranav were sitting at the back / boot of a Scorpio and were managing all the food. 😛

    After 2 hours of driving we saw the white mountain-like structures on both sides of the road. These mountains were made of salt that was set out to dry in the sun. The view was so mesmerizing; A clear Blue Sky with Clouds, Pure White Mountains surrounded by Green Trees.

    When we reached Pondicherry, we straight away landed at The French Café called –Baker Street (one of the best French Bakeries in Pondicherry).

    A simple café with a unique style. The menu might not have had too many fancy names, but everything there was scrumptious. Starting from croissants, coffee, fresh juices, sandwiches, burgers, pizza, quiche, hot digs, deserts, cheesecakes, chocolates and so on. Everything had a distinctive taste, which you might not find easily in the other parts of India.

    We were 6 people so had a lavish brunch and tasted most of their popular dishes. Some we got packed to eat in the car on the way back to Chennai. However, my soul is not satisfied: D and I know sometime in near future, I will go again to Pondicherry one to explore the city in my style and yes of course, to satisfy my soul at the bakery.

    We also visited a ZUKA – Choco-la Cafe; Pondicherry’s first chocolate bb and chocolate desserts boutique, with a range of over 200 different chocolates and chocolate desserts.

    They source all the chocolates and the raw materials from Belgium and France; final products created in Pondicherry. We couldn’t do justice to the place, but we bought a few chocolates from there and enjoyed them back in Delhi.

    After our delicious brunch we continued exploring of Pondicherry. We visited Promenade Beach, Pondicherry Museum, some Book Stores and Auroville.

    Pondicherry: I had a glimpse of you in a day and will be back soon for more.

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