Here Christmas comes!

Christmas is around the corner. Ten days are left For Christmas and my excitement is growing day by day.

Since childhood I get super excited about Christmas and my Christmas gifts. Even after knowing that my Mama Papa were keeping those gifts for me and not the Santa. But Mama Papa are not less than Santa….hahaha

Today we follow the same tradition and my mother gives me a surprise Christmas gift every year. Of course, with age the kind of gifts have changed from dolls to beauty products, board games to hair straighteners – curlers, books to accessories and dresses and so on.

When I was a kid. We used to live in Saharanpur – a small town in UP. We had limited stuff available there. Whenever, my dad used to visit Delhi or Mumbai for his business, he used to get lots of games (specially learning board games or memory games, stationary items. For Christmas, he always used to get something unique.

I remember, once my parents kept a doll under my pillow on Christmas and I loved her so much that I named her Daisy. She became my best pal – I used to get new clothes for her, made a doll house and what not. My God! Unfortunately I do not have that doll with me anymore but I still remember how she used to look.

My mum, always knows what I need – I still remember she got me a smart silver watch for Christmas when I was in college. I still have it with me. Then once she got me a nice hair straightener.

I think we will never break this cute ritual even after I have kids.

We always have spent Christmas in the best way possible and have so many memories. After marriage. Pranav and me also celebrate Christmas and plan something good. On the first Christmas after our marriage. Pranav got me a Christmas tree for my study table and last year we celebrated it in Sri Lanka (we had so much fun).


In 2020 as well we have some great plans to celebrate Christmas but at home.

So this was my story of Christmas. I am sure, you all must also be having some interesting stories.

Do  share them.

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